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My story started in the panhandle of Oklahoma in 1981 when hired by a large telecommunications company. On the first job I was assigned with a salt of the earth lineman. I can truly say I learned my good work ethics from this person. We worked hard and built structures throughout Oklahoma. We were really like the "Lineman for the County". As time progressed I learned all aspects of the industry. I'm trained in multiple disciplines within the organization including OSP construction and maintenance. Design engineering and OPTI CAD. Electrical, optical and system processes and procedures. 1600+ hours of instructor lead classes as well as on-site training.

Because of the intensive training and skills obtained in my former career I decided to go into business for myself in 2013. I still maintain a close working relationship in the telecommunication industry but have branched out to other services because the need has arisen and from requests of individuals. I work closely with clients to make sure the project they want is what is produced. Quality, accuracy and timeliness is important to all project types.